Policy for Travel Players

UpdatedFriday February 7, 2020 bySYSO Baseball.

2020 Travel Policy:

1. Players who play Somers Travel baseball must be fully committed to their
Somers travel baseball team above all other sports commitments during the
Spring and Summer seasons. All game conflicts must be resolved in favor of the
player attending the Somers travel baseball game.
Somers travel baseball
players, U12 and below, are prohibited from playing on another non-SYSO
baseball team during the Summer travel Season. Playing in the Spring is not a
requirement to play in the Summer.

2. To allow the Somers coach to properly plan and prepare for the season,
parents/players must inform their travel coach if they intend to play any other
sport during the travel season. Upon receipt of the schedule of the other sports
team, the parent/player must provide to the Somers coach a copy of the other
sports schedule, as soon as possible. The parent/player must promptly notify
the Somers coach of any in-season changes to that schedule.

3. Parents/players must also inform the travel coach of any injuries or other
conditions sustained or related to playing on another team, whether or not they
believe it will affect their play on the Somers travel team.

4. Players who play on another sports team during the Spring and Summer season
and miss Somers travel baseball games for other teams are subject to their
playing time being reduced to the minimum allowable. As always, the amount
of the player’s playing time will be determined at the sole discretion of the
Somers travel coach.   Any disputes should be first brought to the coach and if
not satisfactorily addressed, the problem should be sent to the attention of
the appropriate travel director.  The travel director will present the issue to the
baseball board for a final resolution decision.

5. In almost all cases, a Somers travel baseball player has taken a roster spot that
another Somers youth would have a gladly taken and committed to. Players who
take that roster spot, but then miss multiple games in a travel season, because
they chose to play another sport, maybe excluded from playing on the Somers
travel baseball team the following year. This will be at the sole discretion of the
Somers baseball board after hearing the complaint from the travel coach and the
parents/player. All final decisions are to be made by the Somers baseball board.

6. Players who try out and make a Somers travel baseball team, and who do not
expressly turn down the roster spot on the team after they are informed, are
considered by the Coach and baseball board to have committed to play for that
team. If, after the registration closes, a player decides to play on another travel
team instead of the Somers team, such a decision will negatively impact that
player’s team, his teammates, and the other Somers youth who would have
otherwise made the team and participated in the team workouts. Accordingly,
to avoid continued harm to the team, any player who has quit on his team insuch a fashion has forfeited his right to play baseball for Somers the following

7. All travel baseball (except those on the HS Freshman baseball team) players
must register and play Somers in-town baseball for the Spring season.
All in-town games take precedent over travel practice. Spring travel games
must not interfere with in-town games (Spring travel games must be approved
by the travel director).

8. The policy regarding the evaluation process for travel baseball involves building
an “A” team first with at least 12 players. Should there be enough qualified
players (minimum of 12) a second “B” team can be formed.

9. Tryouts will be held every year for travel baseball, with the exception of the U12
year. The U11 tryout counts for 2 years allowing for team development for
Cooperstown. In the event a new player moves into town they will be allowed to
tryout and be placed accordingly. Somers town residents take priority over
non-town residents in team selection, regardless of ranking.

10.A travel team consist of the following:
a. Top 10 ranked players (“opting out” opting to play on the B-team is
prohibited, unless one’s sibling was not selected for the “A” team and is
playing on the “B” team).
b. 2 Coaches Picks (pending baseball board approval)
c. 2 Alternates if desired / needed by the Head Coach

11. The U8 and U9 travel teams will be developmental and may consist of up to
fourteen players. U10 and above teams will consist of a maximum of twelve
players, plus alternates.

12. Injured players that are unable to tryout must provide a doctor’s note. Injured
players will fall into 2 categories:
a. Injured and Historically Top 10 (for two consecutive years) – this player is
automatically placed on the team and no Coaches Pick has to be used.
b. Injured and not Historically Top 10 – this player can be added to the team
as a Coaches Pick or Alternate

13.The guidelines for alternates are as follows:
a. They pay 50% of the registration fees
b. may be called upon if eleven roster players are present for a single game.
c. Alternates can be used when all roster players are in attendance, but the
team has a double header. In the event of a doubleheader, thirteen
players may attend the game.d. An alternate can not play in more than 50% of the games.

14. All players must be registered for travel and rostered with the respective
league. Each coach must provide the travel director with his/her roster. Should
a coach need to add another player to his/her roster, the coach must obtain
written approval from the respective league and present it to the travel director
at which point the new player must be registered. If the coach does not follow
this process, he/she will be removed from coaching.
I accept these terms and agree to communicate the player commitments to my child.


Parent or Guardian


Travel Coach
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