Major League Rules

Updated Sunday February 28, 2016 by Bob Cassara.

Somers In-Town Majors Rules
1. No metal or screw type cleats may be worn.
2. All players must play at least three (3) full innings in the field.
3. All players will be listed in the lineup. Batting the roster is in effect. Any player who arrives late
will be entered in the next available spot in the batting order.
4. Nine (9) players maximum are permitted in the field.
5. When a catcher is on base with two outs, the courtesy runner will be used. The last batter to
make out should be the courtesy runner.
6. A runner may not leave a base until the ball reaches the plate.
7. Stealing of all bases is permitted. Stealing home is not permitted when up by 6 runs.
8. Continuation of play: To prevent a base runner who has just received a base-on-balls from
further advancement, the team in the field must have the pitcher in contact with the pitching
9. No slap/slash bunting is allowed.
10. A batter may not steal first on a dropped third strike. Base runners may advance at their own
11. Mercy rule is in effect, 10 runs after the losing team bats 4 times.
12. 10 Run cap per inning except in the 6th.
13. A team must field at least eight (8) players at the beginning of a game. Teams that are short
players may borrow players from the other team to play the field.
14. A game is six (6) innings of play. The game must go a minimum of four (4) innings (3 1⁄2 innings if
home team is winning) to be an official game.
15. 2 hour time limit per game. Teams may not start a new inning beyond 1 hour and 45 minutes.
16. Score books must be maintained throughout the game by both teams.
17. Bases are 60 feet apart.
18. Infield fly rule is in effect.
19. Pitching rules:
A.) Pitcher is not allowed to throw more than 60 pitches per day or more than two innings
per day. Maximum of 85 pitches per week. If a pitcher reaches his/her maximum daily
limit during a batter, he/she may finish pitching to that batter.DAYS OF REST AFTER PITCHING:
- If a player pitches 41-60 pitches or more in a day, two (2) calendar days rest must
be observed.
- If a player pitches 21-40 pitches or more in a day, one (1) calendar day rest must be
- If a player pitches 1-20 pitches in a day, no (0) calendar days rest must be observed.
Both coaches shall record all pitches and compare pitch counts between innings.
Coaches must maintain a record of pitch count/innings pitched in the score book and
must have the book signed by the opposing team at the end of the game.
B) Pitcher is allowed unlimited walks per outing.
C) If a pitcher hits three batters during the course of a game, he or she will be
D) Breaking/curve balls are not permitted. The first incident will result in a called “ball”
and a warning to the pitcher. The second incident will result in a called “ball” and
removal of the pitcher.
E) Once a pitcher is removed from a game, he or she may not reenter the game as a
F.) In the fall two innings of the game may be pitched by a 7th grader. An individual 7th
grader may not pitch more than one inning per game.
20. No contact rule is in effect. Runners must slide to avoid contact with the fielder at any base.
21. Free substitution is permitted.
22. A manager may make only one trip to the mound per inning, except in the case of injury. The second
trip to the mound will result in the removal of the pitcher.
23. Baseballs allowed for league play must be Little League approved.
24. Bats must be Little League approved. No big barrel (2-5/8”) bats are permitted.
25. Attendance/Eligibility: A player must attend and participate in a minimum or 50% of the regular
seasons games in order to be eligible for making the All Star team and to be eligible for the roster
during the playoffs.
26. Home team supplies two new balls for each game. After that the home team may supply lightly
used practice balls.
27. All pitchers must wear a heart guard. Catcher’s masks including hockey style (even player owned
equipment) must be inspected by the coach prior to all games. Catcher’s masks must have a throat
guard. All catchers must wear an athletic supporter.
28. Hearts guards and athletic supporters are recommended for every player.
29. Arguing with an umpire will not be tolerated. Any coach found arguing with an umpire will be
removed from the game and may not be allowed to coach any longer.

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